The Journey to Motherhood


Nature as a biological function has a given urge to satisfy its requirement. Some may call it destiny; others, fate. But Science as we know it sometimes cannot even predict the outcome of nature when it decides to take its course.

The journey to motherhood is one of the many beautiful courses of nature. Although some may appreciate it more than others due to some unexpected bumps along the way, the end most certainly justifies the means.

As an expectant mother, the initial discovery that you are about to bring another being into this world most likely will run a certain shock down your spine. The shock and joy you feel would be indescribable. You look forward to not only sharing the news with your partner but also the entire experience.

As a woman, you have heard several stories about what it is like to be pregnant but nothing you have heard compares to experiencing it for yourself.

You feel a certain pain in your lower abdomen. You wonder what it could be. The pain strikes and ceases. You rush to the doctor’s hoping nothing has happened to your little one (LO) only to hear a shocking tale you did not see coming; that the pain is part of the early signs of pregnancy and you should prepare to experience them for the next three months.

A lot run through your mind – your job, your low resistance to pain, your life; how do you combine all these? You pull it together and think of the bright side as you countdown to the birth of your LO.

You are so excited that you do not even realize when the first three months were over. You just notice that all of a sudden you are feeling stronger, energetic and the pain is gone. You look down and you see a tiny bump on your tummy. You pinch yourself as it seems like you maybe dreaming. But you are not – YOU ARE REALLY PREGNANT and it is starting to show.

The second trimester is the best part of being pregnant. Aside from the growing bump, there is no other pregnancy symptom. It all just seemed to have vanished. Where could it have gone? Would I feel this way till the baby comes? Could pregnancy be this easy? Pretty soon all your questions would be answered.

You are elated when the doctor tells you your baby would start kicking soon. You and your partner hold your breath while trying to feel the very first kick. Then you feel it. It’s faint! As time goes on, it keeps getting stronger and stronger until you realize you are already in your third trimester and by then the kicking has intensified.

The third trimester comes with a lot of baggage; kicking, moving and the least favorite, Braxton Hicks contraction. In doctor’s terms, Braxton Hicks are nature’s way of preparing you for labor. You get to feel the same type of contraction but not at intervals like you would if you were in actual labor. Do not be fooled, Braxton Hicks is only a tip of the iceberg.

The real countdown begins. Your LO is going to be born anytime soon. You are impatient. You cannot wait to get it over and done with. You are past your due date and literally feel like ripping your tummy open. Then you go to bed and wake up feeling a trickle of water run down your thighs. You imagined you just wet the bed but ignore it as you are still feeling drowsy. It happens again but this time it is not just a trickle. The water is flowing. You wake your partner in shock and realize there is a water patch on your side of the bed. In that moment, it dawns on you that your LO is no longer being protected by the amniotic sac or in layman terms, your water has broken.

You dash to the hospital and meet the doctor on call. You remember distinctively the first time you felt a contraction. It lasted less than thirty seconds and was relatively pain-free unlike what you had heard or imagined. You tell yourself that if this is what labor really feels like then you would definitely pass this course with a distinction.

Thirty minutes later, you are screaming at the doctor for an Epidural. Your contractions are now three minutes apart and are lasting for a minute each. They are EXCRUCIATINGLY painful. It goes on for a couple of hours before your dilation is measured at 4cm.

Nine hours go by and you are now fully dilated at 10cm with strong contractions coming every minute. You are taken to the labor room and told to push. You gather all the energy you have stored in the past nine months and push your LO out into the world.

You did it! She is here! And she is beautiful! At this moment, every atom of pain or contraction ceases. All you feel is immense joy and gratitude to God for seeing you through this incredible, horrific and yet gratifying journey. You are a mother and have made your partner a father. This memory will remain treasured forever and as shocking as it may sound, you would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Do you have an interesting motherhood journey?

Feel free to share your comments, opinion and suggestion.

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