The idea of a will and inheritance is one that a lot of people look forward to from their parents but the question is “Does it actually pose a blessing or a curse to the recipient”.

A will or testament is a legal declaration by which a person, the testator, names one or more persons to manage his or her estate and provides for the distribution of his or her property at death.

Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, rights and shares upon the death of an individual.

In terms of a blessing, a will and inheritance will mean the recipient has had the fore-run set for him or her. Basically, they wouldn’t need to undergo the ground work or struggle as that has already been laid out for them courtesy of their parents.

It could be money inheritance which they could use to start up a thriving business or maybe they take over an already existing business so that way they get to the top without having to start at the bottom.

Sounds like a blessing doesn’t it? Who doesn’t like free money?

In terms of a curse, a will and inheritance can be the worst thing ever. The idea or thought that one day, you will get to inherit a large sum of money or get to run a very successful business can sometimes meddle with the thoughts of us humans and make us lazy.

After all, there has to be a reason why most children of the rich and famous usually do not take in the shoes of their “rich and famous” parents.

Look around and tell me if that’s not true!

As a parent, as much as I would not want my child to suffer as badly as I did growing up, the truth is all that “suffering” is part of the bitter-sweet journey to whom I became today.

It’s all part of what made and shaped me into the strong, courageous, confident and appreciative woman that I am today.

The struggle taught me things that you simply cannot learn within the four walls of the most prestigious and elite institutions around the globe. It taught me to do what humans instinctively know how to do best, SURVIVE!

This road to survival, this thirst to succeed, this one-time desperate and determined urge to make it in life is what drove most successful people to work hard and eventually succeed.

2009-10-21-inheritanceUnfortunately, all of what I just mentioned is exactly what would be missing from the lives of the heir or recipient of an inheritance.

And this is the same reason why most times, the children of the fortunate can in no way be compared to their parents even after they “inherit” their possessions.

In some extremely sad cases, some of them do not even get to assume that position due to insubordination, irresponsibility and utmost incapability to handle sensitive and powerful positions.

So in my opinion, will and inheritance is unfortunately more of a curse to the recipient than a blessing.

I believe that rather than go with the norm which is that your offspring automatically gets whatever you have after your demise, there should be some sort of behavioral merit and accomplishment that would thereby qualify whomever to receive what is supposed to be their entitlement.

I expect that as the child of an extremely successful person, rather than sit and expect everything to be handed over to you like happens in our society today, you should be able to create something for yourself by leveraging on your parent’s already established contacts to say the least.

For example, we have so many rich and successful business men in Nigeria; Otedola, Dangote, Adenuga etc.

How many of their children have we heard of that are also doing great things and accomplishing great things in their lives?

The most they would be is on the board of directors of their father’s company but then again, does that make them a silent or active partner? Are they a part of the decision making process or are they just a member of the board to partake in dividend sharing.

Now, to corroborate my suggestive parenting style, as much as he is the most hated man in the world right now, I just have to give some credit to Donald Trump for the way he raised his daughter Ivana.

Ivana may have been born into the home of one of the most successful men in the world but she definitely did not have it easy for her growing up. She had to work and fight for everything she has and controls at this point.

She had to prove to her father that she can handle the responsibility of the Trump empire and that going to an Ivy League school or being a Trump descendant did not automatically qualify her to become the heir apparent.

That right there is what I am talking about.

As parents, we need to instill that mindset into our children. The mindset that they need to prove to us that they deserve all we have worked for as opposed to them assuming they will automatically inherit it all because they are simply our “children”.

As sad as it may sound, some really lost souls will just lazy around and wait for the demise of their parents so they can finally get to inherit what according to them is “rightfully theirs”.

What a pity!

As much as an inheritance has its advantages, it is something we should completely remove from our thoughts if we happen to have successful parents.

Our dream and goal should be to work hard and make something for ourselves and if there happens to be a cherry on the cake in form of an inheritance then so be it.

We shouldn’t sit around waiting for money that our parents worked very hard for to be distributed to us because we are their offspring. That is totally wrong and in my opinion, the first step to self destruction.

Parents, do your part and raise your kids right. Let them prove to you that they deserve everything that is coming their way and work hard to earn them.

That is the only way we can raise equally successful individuals that will take on from where we left off rather than those who will squander all we have worked so hard to build.

Do you think children should earn their inheritance or should it be automatic?

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  1. First, I think inheritance or will is up to the parents to decide, some parents choose to give their total inheritance to charity while some still give to their children even though they ain’t worth it.
    Secondly, everything is got an advantage and disadvantage.
    Thirdly, its up to the child to determine if its a blessing or a curse. If I get a billion dollar inheritance now, trust me! It means a billion blessings to me.

    Though I understand the need for every child to feel the struggles of the society and value their parents wealth but still I feel a wise child should know better

    Read my blog post


    • I get your point Wunderkidp and yes it will definitely be a blessing if a million dollar inheritance pops out of nowhere. But that’s not really what I am talking about.
      I’m speaking of those that are aware that there’s an inheritance coming their way.
      Some people have even been known to kill their partners for free life insurance inheritance. So you can imagine how destructive free money can be.
      However, I agree with you that it still boils down to the individual and their sense of reason. We are the ones who decide if it’s a blessing or curse.


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