Hello readers! Welcome to another GUEST POST WEEKEND here on A Loco Viva Voce. Today’s Guest Post is a lovely writeup by Dayo Olugbemi.

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Read Dayo’s writeup after the cut and enjoy!


People throng malls to admire the beautiful architecture but on their way, they ignore the beautiful works of nature. See how people flood Dubai to check out a huge aquarium? Many of these people are from coastal cities. A lot of people don’t notice the many shades of green a Mango tree has in rainy season. Nobody notices the Hibiscus, or the little flowers on the Paw-Paw tree. Or the blueish-green of that fly before they swipe it off of their fruit. The blue in the sky that subtly fades here and there. The combination of colours from everywhere. The people who see don’t see much.

I was born and bred in Festac town. 24-Road is flanked on each side by these stretched out trees of tiny green leaves with blood-red flowers. I don’t know if they’re still there but back then I seemed to be the only one who noticed them and later developed a neck problem from staring up at the stars too much. Nature is that captivating! But I guess many who see don’t see much.

In Ilorin, Tanke, Oke-Odo, before it lost its natural beauty, i would go for a walk in the bushes and take pictures of grasshoppers, flowers, leaves and even the winding footpath. They all were beautiful to me but to my neighbours, I was hiding something in the bushes which to them explained my regular visits. Every six-o-five in the evenings I would step out to watch the sunset that lasted till around six forty-something. I remember, this one time, a neighbour stepped out the yard, saw me staring at the sunset and asked what I was looking at. Apparently an orange sun spilling its colour on the sides of grey clouds was not impressive enough. The people who see don’t see much.

During Geological field trips I took more photos of the wild than the rock samples we went in search of. As a result, i was often at the back of the line. I usually then wondered how someone would just walk past a huge tree covered with ferns or a stream with pebbles in it and not say out loud “that is beautiful!”. How is it possible to walk for hours through a forest and see nothing worthy of note? How come the people who see don’t see much?

It would be too bad if a few seconds to dying one realises they actually haven’t seen much.

-Dayo Olugbemi

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