runs-girlRUNS GIRL: A creature that through natural selection has evolved a means to survive and in the Darwinian mold, has adopted a lifestyle that entails satisfying the segsy time and needs of the male species in return for material things. This creature/girl is very similar to an Escort in the sense that even when there is no segsy time involved, the girl is paid or compensated for her time. She could also give the GF experience and act like your GF as long as the money/payment in kind is pouring in. – Sir Fariku

ESCORT: A call girl or sex worker who advertises their work/services inconspicuously, never displaying their profession publicly and protecting their identities, usually through pseudonyms. – Wikipedia

HUSTLE: To seek money by shady enterprise, especially pimping and prostitution. – Wikipedia

PROSTITUTION: The business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. A person who works in this field is called a prostitute, and is kind of a sex worker. – Wikipedia


Going by the definition above, it is a resounding YES. But personally, I am of the opinion that to an extent, IT CAN BE JUSTIFIED.

Before I go on, I urge you to kindly take a deep breath and hear me out before you judge or condemn me.

Sometime ago, I read a post on Linda Ikeji’s blog about a 24 year old young lady who claimed to have already slept with 600 men. Apparently, the lady’s education was being sponsored by her fiancé but after they broke up, she sort to “runs” for means of survival as her parents were quite poor and dependant on her fiancé before the breakup.

That right there is my “justification” for runs, escort, hustle and what have you.

As much as I am an advocate for morality and religious behavior, I AM A REALIST! And the truth is that the society we live in does not give young girls much of a choice.

Attending University in Nigeria made me realize that there really are only two classes of people; THE RICH AND THE POOR. Unfortunately, the middle class has been wiped off the face of the Earth.

Back in my University days, you would see girls that literally have to “hustle” to feed. They had bills pilling up in and out of school. From their tuition fees to hostel fees, the wellbeing of their parents and siblings and even the tuition fees of their siblings and house rent of their parents.

These were all the responsibility of one individual who happened to be a student.

Let me give you an example of a young lady. I will call her Irene.

Irene was the first of 4 children. She was just about to finish secondary school when her father died and her uncles and family members coveted everything her father left behind, leaving them with nothing. Shortly after, her mum took ill and was unable to contribute to the finances of the family so as the first born she had to step in.

Irene worked all sort of miniature jobs just to make ends meet. She couldn’t afford to go to the university after graduation, so she stayed at home for FOUR YEARS and still wasn’t able to save up enough because they pretty much fed from hand to mouth from her miserly stipend.

Four years had gone by and Irene’s younger ones had either also finished secondary school or were rounding up. Then she ran into an old classmate who took her to see an older married friend of hers.

After the friendly visit, the man gave her 50k cab fare and they exchanged contacts. They met again shortly after but this time, they engaged in sexual activity and before she left, he gave her 100k to go shopping.

Few days later, they met again and he took her to the mall and bought her a brand new phone after which they went to his hotel room and indulged in sexual act once again. Upon leaving, he gave her another 50k for cab fare.

This brought it to a total of 200k Irene had been given by this man in less than two weeks.

I am not saying 200k justifies engaging in a sexual act with a married man or any man for that matter. All I am saying is that so called 200k as we know from the story will go A LONG WAY in the life of Irene and her family. And it did..

Irene successfully acquired Jamb form, passed and enrolled in the university along with one of her sisters.

She saw her “Aristo” many more times that she was able to gather enough money to not only open a small shop for her mother to sell provisions and cater for her siblings but also to move them to a biggser apartment as opposed to the studio apartment she, her siblings and mum were squeezing in.

Once again, this is the justification I speak of.

Yes, Irene might be classified as a “runs girl”, yes she was “satisfying the segsy time and needs of the male species in return for material things”, and yes she “gave the GF experience and acted like his GF as long as the money/payment in kind was pouring in”. These are all the definition of “runs girl” BUT this so called definition was what rescued Irene and her family from abject poverty.

There are so many other girls like that just like the one in Linda Ikeji’s blog story that depend on whatever these men give to them as a means of livelihood not only for them but for their families.

I know of so many girls in my University who used the connections of these big, rich, Aristo men to get good and sustainable employment after graduation. And they went on to forfeit “runs” (now that they have a legitimate and sustainable source of income), got married and continue to lead a happy, fulfilling life.

However, where I draw the line is with girls that do “runs” just for the fun of it. I’m talking about girls from comfortable and well to do homes that are spoilt and used to getting whatever they want. And since mummy and daddy won’t give it to them, they resort to getting it from “Aristos”.

I find such girls and act to be completely disgusting and frankly if you ask me, these are the ones tainting the entire thing for the rest of those that actually indulge in the act simply for survival.

Whatever the case may be, it really is unfortunate that the country we live in is quite tough and the chances of survival without education are very slim. And even with education, you need influence from the rich and mighty to get good, sustainable employment.

It is easy for the rich to say “what those girls do is disgusting” but if only they walk a mile in their shoes, will they get to comprehend poverty’s crippling nature.


What’s your take on this?

Feel free to comment, share your opinion and suggestions

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PS: Words are an expression of opinion; WRITING is SPEAKING!


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  1. You are right, morally the issue is undeniably wrong but there is justification for SOME girls.

    I don’t come from a rich family as you know Rani, but folks couldn’t tell from how i lived n school. My mum always told us that if we needed something, she would rather borrow money to provide for us than have us borrow or steal. My dad was also awesome and never thought any amount was too much for us. But when I was in the university, I could see a huge difference in what I had and what some of my friends had. For example, I had a friend, lets say her name was Joy, whose monthly allowance was 5,000 naira, but even though her father was doing better than my parents, I got 5,000 for the weekend. So when I call my mum that I need money, she sends me 5,000 for the rest of the week and then sends me more money the next week Monday.
    I also had a friend, Elise, who was worse off than Joy. Elise came from a family of 6, her father was not working and her mother supported the whole family with a tiny store. As you know getting a part time job in Nigeria is next to impossible, so Elise could not find a good job to support even herself. When she calls home for money, of course her mum explains that she can barely make profit to feed the younger ones and the husband at home. So what else is she to do? She didn’t want to die of hunger and she didn’t want her siblings or parents to die of hunger either. I personally think that if I were in that situation, I would rather do runs than let my siblings suffer. Even now, I would do anything for my family. Fortunately, my family works hard and we all do well in our own rights. So yes, doing runs in cases like Elise, or Irene in your example are justifiable to me.

    I think the part that sickens me is that pas a society we don’t look at the bigger issue. We all condemn people without knowing their story. I am quite guilty of that too on some issues and that is why Nigeria is going to have a long hard road to civilization and economic empowerment. The sad part is that the solution to a lot of issues lies in understanding the cause.
    First issue is education. People need to understand the importance of getting an education and marrying people that are educated or ambitious and hopefully both. No one should be with a partner that is a liability. Making education affordable is also important. So called christian universities have the most exorbitant prices for education. State and Federal schools aren’t as cheap as they should be. That is a problem that if fixed would affect so many aspects of the economy.

    Secondly, family planning should be incorporated as things to be aware of as a society. Elise’s parents have always been poor, so they had no business having 6 kids they can’t take care of.

    Also, we have to look at people we elect in positions of power. Yes, we may not know people true intentions before we elect them, but if someone isn’t getting the job done, they should be impeached or voted out of office at the end of the first term.

    This is just off the top of my head and I bet you there are so many ways to make sure young girls do not sleep with men for money.


    • Bless you for this comment Lydia! You know in Nigeria we believe that if we (to say the least) consent to evil, we will go straight to hell which is why lots of people condemn before they even figure out the issue.

      I believe a lot of people share the same opinion we do but are scared to admit it cause of fear of going to hell like I said.

      But we need to look at the bigger issue here. Humans are survivors. I really doubt anyone would have a sustainable source of income but still choose to sleep with numerous men and even risk their lives in the process (except lazy rich kids of course).

      I really just hope and pray things get better so the world can stop suffering and the rich stop getting richer and the poor getting poorer.


  2. In classification, they are all the same. I am however not going to sit on a moral high horse in judgement of any one. I don’t know their stories and I am no better. Some sanctimonious people think that sin has category in the eye’s of God. Sin is sin big or small. May Grace abound in all of us 😇😇


  3. majority of these girls do it for the extra money, they want bigger phones, or more expensive clothing. very very few of them do it as a result of poverty. Another thing is that runs is addictive, even when they get money from it and start a thriving business, they still continue


    • Thanks for your comment M. Like I said in the article, that is where I draw the line. Personally, I think people that do runs simply for material gains and not mere survival are lazy and seeking for the easy way out.

      Maybe they deserve the stigmatisation they get but then again, who are we to judge?


  4. For some people, they started off wanting to help their family but stay up to show their frns that they are cool. In the example you gave, Irene can choose to have one rich aristo man until they move on. But you will usually find is that the Irene’s of the world have 10 (just exxageratting) babas they are juggling.

    People who can help often dont. Such a shame though. All those babas they sleep with have an opportunity to help people with no strings attached but they choose not to.


    • Thank you for your comment Larrz. To be honest, sometimes I don’t know who to actually blame for the runs issue, the girls who sleep with numerous men or the men giving out the money in exchange for sex.

      Like you said, these men are usually so rich that they can afford to give out that money without any sexual benefits but they choose not to. Such a pity!


  5. In as much as we try to justify this trend, it is morally Unjust!!! Prostitution for whatever means is socially and morally wrong!!! As an undergraduate, I received 5000 Monthly for upkeep and this includes textbooks et all. While some books sell as far as 6k, u know what I did, I made photocopies rather than bulging my already stressed parents, in my 3rd year, I started trading with the 5k, sold jeans, female undies from hostel to hostel.

    The truth is that some of us want the easy way out, that is why we resort to the “Runs” also be reminded that most jobs are gotten on merit!


    • I agree with you Vivien that it is morally unjust. But sometimes when you hear where some of these girls are coming from, you would really pity them.

      Surviving in Nigeria is hard enough then being responsible for your parents and 4 siblings without a steady income as a student is even worse.

      I agree that these so called runs girls should seek for a more decent source of living other than runs but then the country is too hard, even for graduates so I choose not to judge them.


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