Ladies would you say yes if this was the ring he proposed with?

If he proposes with a huge rock or a stone so tiny, it looked like a reflection, the question is “Should the size of that engagement ring have an influence on your decision to marry him or not?”.

I recently came across this topic on Facebook and a lot of people had a lot to say about it and of course, so do I 🙂

Some say you already know if he is the kind of man you would want to marry so regardless of the ring, you should already have an answer to his proposal.

Others say the ring serves as an incentive to respond with the affirmative which is why the words “Will you marry me?” is usually accompanied by a flash of what’s inside the box.

Some really funny people went ahead to corroborate the second set of people by saying that the angle to which the ring is “flashed” is of paramount importance as it is aimed to reveal the ring in grand style.

Apparently, this is why “the kneeling down directly in front of the lady” position is most preferred because the ring is usually the first thing the woman would see when you propose and  if that ring is big enough, she might just save you the embarrassment of saying no – especially if it is a public proposal.

Personally, I believe that aside from saying yes momentarily just to save the guy from public embarrassment, I honestly DO NOT see reasons why anyone would need an incentive to marry someone.

If you need a ring to say yes then you probably shouldn’t be marrying that person anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, an engagement ring is of utmost importance as it is a symbol of him taking that first step in order to share the rest of his life with you BUT if you really want to spend the rest of your life with him then nothing else should matter.

Let me just say that the above statement doesn’t in anyway apply to those kind of men that can clearly afford to buy their wives a decent engagement ring but choose to be stingy about the whole thing. That is just wrong!

My statement DOES NOT APPLY to the kind of men that can spend a lot of money on themselves and their Rolex watches but don’t feel the need to spend a little something on their wife to be. Honestly, that’s not even a train I would advise any lady to jump into because you can pretty much smell the sour food from far away.

However, if he is a decent, average, not so rich, not so poor guy and he gets you a not so huge rock but you really like him, don’t let the issue of showing your ring off be an issue.

The trivial issue of the social media shenanigans is probably why this topic “should the size of the ring matter” is even being contemplated.

Every one wants to show off their ring on their Instagram page and then they dog their boyfriend until they probably drive him into debt all because of the faux pas glam on social media. What a shame!

Let me just state this again. As much as the size of the ring shouldn’t matter, I honestly believe that every proposal should be accompanied by an engagement ring.

It wouldn’t be an engagement without “a” ring – as long as the ring falls within your means.

So for the men out there, if you cannot afford the 1, 3.5 or 5 karat diamond ring then there are some pretty affordable, glamorous stoned rings you could get which would sparkle upon sight.


It really doesn’t have to be a diamond ring. Get her something equally glamorous and then maybe later on when you can afford it, you could replace it with the real deal.

But gentlemen, proposing without a ring just spells CHEAP! And proposing with a tiny ring (when you can obviously afford better) is even worse.

To the ladies, except he’s just being cheap, follow your heart and say yes to the one you love regardless of the size of the ring.

Do you think the size of the ring should matter?

Feel free to comment and share your comments, opinions and suggestions.

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